7 of the Worst Places to Vacation

The world is filled with cool places and diverse cultures but not everything is good. Avoid these worst places to vacation when it’s time to book your trip.

We can’t see everything the world has to offer, and that’s a good thing. Other than the obvious war-torn countries, you might want to stay away from some places. Some locations are unsafe for travelers, some lack the vibe and feeling you want, and others will simply make you sad when you see the poverty and degradation involved.

Here are some of the worst places to vacation, giving you a few locations to cross off your list.

San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose is the capital city of the country, which should make it a great place to visit, but that’s not the case. The city is loud and dirty, which is similar to many cities, but it doesn’t offer anything to make up for this. You won’t find fine dining or good entertainment in San Jose. Compared to the rest of the country, this capital city is terrible and not worth your time. Stay out of San Jose unless you absolutely need to visit this city.

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Mexico is a lovely country for tourists, but Ciudad Juarez is one of the worst places to vacation. This city is rampant with drug trafficking by the cartels and is a center for violent organized crime. Many of the police are also corrupted by the cartel, which makes it even more dangerous for visitors. This means you might disappear and never be heard from again, and some people in this city won’t care or do much about it.

Laganas, Greece

If you’re missing the American fast food of home, this is a great place to go, but otherwise, you can avoid Laganas and not miss much at all. The beach isn’t very nice, and there are much better places on the island of Zakynthos to visit. Overall, Laganas sounds attractive with the beach length and shipwrecks, but it’s the most frequented town on the island and a serious tourist trap. Avoid this town and enjoy the rest of this beautiful Greek island that sticks out into the sea.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

When it comes to dangerous places to visit, this Brazilian city takes the cake. Most cities in this large South American country have high crime rates, but none reach the extreme levels of Rio. Strangely, it’s safer today than it was a decade ago, but many crimes still happen, especially at night, and you can’t expect any protection. Instead of visiting one of the most popular but worst places to vacation, enjoy the rainforest and white beaches outside of the city during your time in Brazil.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

If you want to vacation with everyone else in the world, head to Punta Cana. This city has a ton of amazing resorts, but that’s the problem. The beaches are incredible, but you might find the crowds awful and the restaurants too busy to make it worth your time. You can get access to the Caribbean Sea in other locations without heading to this tourist trap. It’s not the worst place to go, but you might find Santo Domingo more inviting and enjoyable.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a lovely place, but the presence of poverty and social unrest makes it one of the most dangerous places to visit. This city has an extremely high crime rate related to drugs and gangs, with more than 130 different gangs in the city. Many tourists are drawn to the natural beauty of South Africa, but Cape Town can be a dangerous place to visit. This is one of the worst places to vacation and extremely dangerous, especially for women traveling alone at night.

The Maldives

If you simply want an island resort vacation, you can certainly enjoy it in The Maldives. If you want to learn about the culture and people that live in this country, forget it. You might as well find a cheaper snorkeling experience near your home instead of going to this small island nation in the Indian Ocean. The local culture is something tourists never get to see, which should be part of why you want to travel the world. The Maldives won’t give you the immersive cultural experience you want when you travel.

Avoid these worst places to vacation, and you’ll have a fighting chance of enjoying a wonderful time when you head out for your days away from work.

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